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Want to know more about PAVE?

PAVE was created at the Bristol Wellbeing Data Jam 2020 by a group of students passionate about positive social change. 

Find out more about the story of PAVE and the team behind the system below. 

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The Story of PAVE

PAVE was born at the 2020 Bristol Wellbeing Data Hackathon attended by over 30 designers, programmers, data scientists and enthusiasts. The desire to create a more seamless pathway for users of health and social care services bought the PAVE team together, and for two days, the team researched and prototyped systems to visualise how people move between different services within Bristol. 

By the end of the hackathon the team had developed a strong rationale for a data visualisation system and created a visual prototype demonstrating the potential of their system to benefit the wellbeing of communities.

PAVE was announced the winner of the hackathon and received resources to continue development. 

Since then we've developed two unique data visualisation systems to help support the effective commissioning and planning of health and social care services.

1. Capacity/Flow Visualisation for Health Services

2. Capacity/Demand Visualisation for Covid Services

Now we're looking for health data and Javascript enthusiasts and experts to develop the visualisations to support real data across the world. 

Will you help PAVE the way to a better healthcare system?

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The Team

Dave is responsible for our UX, making PAVE both user friendly and professional. With a background in tech, music and design, he marries the technical with the visual, and uses his unique skillset to communicate with collaborators. 


Dave hopes that PAVE will reduce administration, so the NHS can move towards better care for all.


Who are


We are a team of human-centred designers who have a passion for bringing about positive social change by utilising digital technologies.

Innovation and collaboration are at the heart of everything we do. Together with our specialist expertise, we can pave a new reality of health and social care.

Ellie brings a psychological perspective to our work, applying her professional experience of the healthcare sector to PAVE's system design.


She believes in the power of co-production and collaboration to transform health and social services, and hopes to take PAVE forward as she starts at the Department of Health and Social Care.


Ben is our tech expert and architect of the code behind PAVE. With a background in computer science and a passion for making data beautiful, he creates visualisations which are desirable for both users and developers.


For Ben, PAVE exhibits the value of data representation for managing complex systems such as the NHS. 


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