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How are we helping to fight the coronavirus?

Our work with PAVE has taken an unexpected turn. Like many people we are adapting to the current needs of society to do our bit to fight the coronavirus and save lives


We will still be working on developing a data visualisation system capable of mapping all health and social care services, and referrals between them. However, over the coming weeks and months we will focus our efforts on helping practitioners, managers and policymakers to visualise how healthcare organisations can meet the needs of coronavirus patients through capacity modelling

Interact with the live version of the model visualisation here.

Planning the Path

The first stage of development will comprise of the creation and release of a data visualisation system which compares real-time capacity to treat coronavirus patients with the demand for those services. This will rely on collaboration with healthcare services and the Department of Health and Social Care to share the data on a regular basis to update the system. This will enable professionals and the public to see changes as they happen. 


The second release of PAVE for the coronavirus will be a historic mapping of how the capacity of services has changed over time as the virus has developed. The system will facilitate a visualisation of the timeline of service capacity, as controlled by the user. This will assist users in understanding the pattern of capacity and demand based on historic data collected as part of the real-time release. 


The third and final stage of development of PAVE to help fight the coronavirus will be to use the data already collected for the historic release, to predict capacity and demand using predictive modelling. Impactful differences between the need for services and the supply will be highlighted to aid effective planning and decision-making. 

To make PAVE a reality and save lives we need access to capacity and admissions data for all coronavirus patients. If you think you can help us with our new mission, please contact us by clicking the button below. 

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